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07.22.2010 - Summer blockbusters are a cup of tea nowadays. Wih San Diego Comic-Con hovering upon us geekdom will never be the same as the landscape changes whenever something to talk about is up in the air. USA Today got us an exclusive on the upcoming Thor with Chris Hemsworth will be at this year's mecha of fandom to promote the upcoming 2011 flick.

If that wasn't enough I'm sure you'll get this preview image of Hemsworth as Dr. Blake who is about to get his hammer. The Mighty Thor, a powerful butt arrogant god of thunder reignite an ancient war as the premise of the film.

Thor will be shown on May 6, 2011 and also stars Natalie Portman, Samuel L. Jackson, Anthony Hopkins, Kat Dennings, Stellan SkarsgÄrd, Ray Stevenson, Jaimie Alexander. The film is directed by Kenneth Branagh.

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