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07.22.2010 - San Diego Comic-Con International is the mecha of all geekdom, and as the the world watch its unveiling of the biggest pop culture in the land. From all walks of life people gather for this five day extravaganza. The biggest show on Earth for all nerdism is right at the San Diego Convention Center.

One awesome event to start with the preview night featuring the must-attend Masquerade Ball which is on its 36th year. The much awaited event before the first day is the most anticipated show you should not miss. In the entire spectrum of SDCC this is where it all starts. If you do miss this your a walking douche bag, who has closet fruit cake tendencies waiting to reveal its true colors...

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For those posers out there who doesn't know how big Comic-Con just stay at your couch or under your parent's chicken cage. This place are for the passionate fans and fashionably geeks in cosplay. A lot of urban legend stories has been said about SDCC and once you have went to one you'll never be the same again.

Because Comic-Con is not about elitism and for those who just after the hype to tell the story first. Its about how invigorating and original this event, that others where inspired to organize their own conventions.

Its a Disney Land for the young at heart who has been following the event every year even though in spirit. But one day it will be a dream event come true to visit this pop culture mecha of all time!

As you view the images captures during preview night you feel like dreams do come true for those true believers. A couple of friends had their tall tale experience going to Comic-Con one guy was been their since the 90s. The other has been a regular exhibitor until he came home to the Philippines to share his story.

No matter how many times they tell you the stories its not enough being part of it. So one can contend to the local Toy Con or the one in Singapore. But I'm sure there will be a day of reckoning when the day has come for me to be there. For now we salivate in these images which is a temporary supplement for what we dream about. This is no Inception but it surely will be close enough for one to be part of something grandeur.

Special thanks to Hawaii, Brian Truitt and the rest of the convention attendees who shared these images via twitter.

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