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06.07.2010 - You've seen him played the series and sometimes you wonder if there's someone Kobe Bryant emulates. I didn't watched the games closely unlike 12 years ago when the Chicago Bulls, where gorging the other teams alive in the late 90s.

In this post season I had that chance watching several games. Honestly I don't have a team to support in this series, but to catch the games and be entertained. That's how amazing things happen, and for this year I'm missing a lot of it...

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Catching up with Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers last parts of the playoff was simply eye catching. I have to agree with my good friend Don Razon on this one. Kobe Braynt reminds us of someone we all know.

If you notice all the NBA post season commercials he's not there. Even in the TVC's made for the NBA Finals you see previous teams or players on the video saying something about their achievements in reaching the promise land. And you tend to wonder why is he not there on those vintage videos? Its like its been reserved for everyone's appetite to give others the spotlight.

The man I'm talking about? Michael Jordan. His face is too familiar and it blinds the eye., when you go back to watch those highlight reels.

There's nothing to be talk about His Airness, but reminds us how he was the best. This goes back to where we see Kobe Bryant now. Though out of comparison its obvious, that he emulates what the six time NBA champion has. such pure class.

Imagine Kobe Bryant shooting wide array of shots. As I recall in game six of the Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns' Grant Hill was all over him. How would you see those fade away jumpers again? Its like seeing him does what Michael Jordan did in his last days of his career as a Bull. There was a resemblance that remind us what Kobe Bryant can do, and there are still abilities he can't emulate.

Michael Jordan had come a long way to developing those skills. Kobe Bryant got all that early on applied it further in his game. At the age of 30 years Kobe got four Championships two less than Jordan has with six. But the stat sheet and the resumes are still way far away. Kobe is chasing the record to beat MJ's six rings, but at this stage there are other obstacles. For now its the Boston Celtics in the finals.

If he does make his team win this series he's got two more to go, but with the other accolades like the six finals MVPs and five MVPs is not enough to make him equal god.

though he still reminds us how he shoot those acrobatic fade aways, that much reminds us how great Michael Jordan was. This time around this led us to believe Kobe Bryant will be the next in line.

Can he be? We'll already seen the tip of the iceberg. If haven't seen the 1998 All-Star Game back then. Its like God teaching him his moves. Just look closely.

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