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06.02.2010 - Can't wait until Friday? It seems an eternity after watching the last NBA Playoff game, where the Los Angeles Lakers dominated the Phoenix Suns last Sunday. It has become a habit again following the NBA this off season.

Its where the best of the best comes out. Imagine sixteen teams slugging out for that shiny Larry O'Brien trophy. The bling to your ring and only one can be an NBA Champion. Its been a while since seeing a series to be this classic.

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I'm no professional analyst or play by play commentator, but I know how the game goes. Every Chicago Bulls fan would say it was a yearly thing since 1991. I've been the spectator to the god of hardwood since being drafted third in 1984. But when you talk about rivalry its the Boston Celtics versus Los Angeles Lakers.

This dates back to the 50s and when you talk about it, they say the word Legendary. Its like here in the Philippines talking about Ateneo Blue Eagles versus De La Salle Green Archers, though I didn't went to any of these schools or have seen an actual game with Toyota going toe to toe with Crispa only on black & white television.

The NBA has been around quite long enough to entertain us with basketball. Playing once in high school brings back that memory. Recalling that pick up game in 2002, where my knees started to show. But wait enough of this replay from the past, and bring you to the topic at hand... Namely the NBA Finals 2010.

Yes its Bean Town versus Showtime. I didn't follow the rivalry that much but 2008 was something to remember. Kevin Garnett got one finally, and the following year it was Kobe Bryant's fourth two shy to equal Michael Jordan's greatness. Though not big a fan of these rivalries, but this one is going to be stuff of legends.

If your a basketball fan you'll understand what I'm talking about. Otherwise go back to the hole you came in where you can't relate what it means to be passionate.

Friday is two days to go and the game is a foot. For now read about Briton Robson's preview of what things to come HERE for you to get up the speed on what's going to happen next!

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