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06.09.2010 - You can't count any of these teams to win, but in the end don't count either them out. Missing seeing the game would be like not going to school. So far keeping myself updated whenever I get the chance in-between road trips from today's festivities is one mighty task.

At the half all you can hear are the Lakers knocking themselves with a 12 point lead at the TD Garden in Boston's home floor. The Celtics must have now felt how it feels to see your home team experience trailing the visitors up ahead to taking home court advantage...

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Ray Allen who made 8 three pointers in the Finals game is 0 for 13 from the stripe. Its total polar opposite heroics on what he did in game 2. There must be wrong right now, but there was signs of life as Kevin Garnett was knocking shots. Though the heroics was not enough as the Los Angeles Lakers beats the Boston Celtics in a 91-84 win to reclaim the advantage and on top 2-1 in the Finals.

The gutsy and gritty hero for this game is Derek Fisher scoring 11 out of his 16 points being the direct-line to this storied series. So don't count out until the purple men makes their surprise and silenced TD Garden.

There was Kobe Bryant who is still dangerous scoring 29 points out of those 29 shots, and simply jordanesque with those killer fadeaways that made god smile back in our memories.

Based on the recap video everything was done deal, but even though the Celtics are struggling Rajon Rondo is still phenomenal in this game 3 loss.

Now who's counting on the next one? I'm sure this game ain't over yet until they cruise to secure another win for the Lakers, but the Celtics isn't about to give up that easily. As Coach Doc Rivers said they have to adjust their mental toughness.

They should be not to end so soon to keep the series running. Its the drama that unfolds in this Finals series that makes it quite an entertainment.

Its like watching another history become legendary, and I'm sure those people from Hollywood are just jumping to get their groove on. Game 4 will be on Thursday (Friday in Manila) still at Boston, and let's get the ball rolling on the next storied NBA Finals game to watch.

I'm not betting on any team and you know how bullish loyalty can be, but seeing the Finals of any team rivalry this one's the best I have seen so far.

Until the next comes along get stay tuned.

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