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05.10.2010 - A return on-air with Rico Robles on Monster Radio RX93.1 after weeks bouncing around due to his regular TV guesting at Party Pilipinas. The man is back on Sunday and yours truly as his recurring guest sidekick.

Though I sound like crap Rico was the ever optimist genius doing impromptu rap for jeje mons and talking about working out in the boxing ring. He's talented and the man has no shame to show it, and reminds me of another bald guy residing in San Diego.

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Arriving at the station at exactly 7AM Rico was the one who answered the door. He's more fit than ever going to his regular TV gig with Gino Q the other half of Francesca of the Awesome Show with Gino & Fran.

We talked about what's been happening and getting improved in the social media. Thus he gave me the task to open the topic of Blogging 101.

I admit being nervous all the way with this topic, and tried my best to answer the questions on what I know about blogging. Nobody's perfect being into the community for almost 7 years. Literally poking fun at myself and having a great chill out Sunday with one fo the best on radio.

So failure is an option and its like falling off the bike, and coming back on-air again is like eleven years ago as part of the original Radio 1.

Though sounding rusty on the spontaneous department I got friends who all tuned in. Special thanks to the people I forgot to greet and was mentioned on radio. Mostly our discussion off air is similar on on-air, but with constructive criticisms. Talking about politics and discussing the people running for the presidency.

Most of my quips where nonsense but I was trying my best not to sounded like I was panicking as I shuffle to the screen of the computer, while being bombarded with crazy discussions about how to start a blog.

It was fun while it lasted and might be back again not this coming Sunday. But might be on-air the following Sunday as Rico Robles is heading to Davao City this Saturday for the Summer Fling at Club Guru. He might be on-air too at Monster Radio BT 99.5 FM.

Now he's asking me to come up with a new topic for the next show. So that means this is going to be a regular thing?

I guess we will find out soon enough.

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