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05.10.2010 - Today's Election 2010 is exciting as well as peer pressure. Monday mornings was not expected to be late in getting to the nearest Barangay. But the venue where to vote was located at the covered basketball court. A lot of people has a surreal experience, and there are others who never got the chance to exercise their rights.

Tuned in to the FM radio a lot of reports where turned away, and discouraged due to the large crowed lined up outside the venue. Its unfortunate for those who lacked patience and rather go home than brave the long lines...

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For the first time in history we finally go automated using these black Smartmatic or known as POCS Machine, where you feed you ballot for validation.

The first stages of going to get your ballot, and voting starts with finding your zone area as well as the precinct number where your registered. Of course you bring your ticket where it includes the precinct number as well as your name. Once you find the line where your zone area is located it will take patience for you to reach the table, that would allow to confirm that your are registered.

There where a lot of people complaining earlier today, but there was a gentleman who volunteered and fixed the line due to zone area confusion. Still you can't avoid people complaining why there's another line to get the ballot, when you can get it upfront?

I just see their point but due to that the current zone area I'm located holds six or seven precinct. So I understand how the cluster was under manned that day.

For almost two hours from 8:30AM to 10AM there was a lot of commotions and confusions, but that didn't stopped me from exercising my right as an individual. I accidentally bump into to Carl Valenzona who happens to be registered in the same zone and precinct area I was assigned to.

We had the chance to do a coverage of the election in our area, and as large as Carl's camera we never got any warning until we're done taking photos. We where prohibited from taking photos of the venue, where the voting was taking place. But it was already too late when we already captured the images on what's been happening today.

Early in the day it was crazy as a carnival, and it was like a festival of sorts. There where a lot of concerns as well how disorganized the lines where set up. One disable on his wheel chair was not able to vote as well as a pregnant woman, who was dizzy from the heat had to be taken to a nearby clinic.

The basketball court where they set up the venue for the voters was not air conditioned, and it was just across the Barangay Hall.

The people who volunteered where too busy to take notice, while we snap shots using Carl's DSLR camera. We finally left the area about noon time, where there where no more people standing in line outside the basketball court.

There was one more incident we over heard. One guy was registered in the same zone me and Carl was located, but his name was not list in the precinct where he was assigned. Because the list outside was inconsistent, since it wasn't printed out but was hand written.

Poor guy who had went to go through to stand in line three times, and never heard from him after what happened.

Its been a while since I had my chance to exercise my right as a voter, but it was well worth it helping out. I had the chance to help others, who had a difficulty looking for their zone area and precinct.

This is a different year compared to the previous elections, and its time to go automated to usher a new decade.

See all the images happening in this year's election.

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