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04.11.2010 - Burger King one of the burger chains in the Philippines that something for you crave about. The much loved Whopper Stunner Meal gets you good buck for PhP130.00 pesos, that includes fries, drinks, and a whopper of your choice (either go with the full size or for a junior).

The one treat you'd like to come back for more is the Sunday that came with it. Burger King is one burger crave I'd come back for more...

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Though there's no more drink all you can option, but you can upsize it to the largest cup they had. Bigger means American standard drink size. They still have the HiC Apple that I usually order as a drink.

The fries similar to the drink you can up size it to the biggest. Its still superb than ever. The heart of the Stunner Meal is the Whopper. I always take the Junior size, since I personally can't consume that senior version. It has all a burger I wanted, which includes onions, tomatoes, and lettuce. Clearly the Whopper Jr. is something to crave during lunch.

Burger King lives up to its tag line Have it your way! as it serves you the Whopper Stunner Meal, that never forgets to includes your Sundae dessert. You pick either strawberry or chocolate of your choice.

Its a meal you should try because it has everything you need for that heavy lunch. Get your Whopper Stunner Meal at your nearby Burger King Restaurant in your area. --Have it your way!

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