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04.11.2010 - It was automatic Sunday Monster Radio RX93.1. I guess I was late again arriving at 10AM, and I'm currently a frequent guest at Rico Robles' Sunday Radio program. Its a busy Sunday for Rico early today and the pressure is on for him to finish recording the new commercial. The last time I've been worried about going on-air was almost eleven years ago.

I'm still thinking being a frequent visitor I'm just relegated to sitting down the long chair, but I appreciate Rico for putting me on-air as his guest. Though the pod cast idea he suggest won't materialize soon, but I already started recording video blogs of my own...

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Rico Robles has his own video blog titled Overtime, which I try to watch whenever I logged in to facebook. You can view his videos just add him on your facebook account.

I thought he would be guesting on the Sunday TV show for Party Pilipinas, which turned out not live but it was taped last Thursday. Dressed in his house clothes he was in and out of the booth as he taped the upcoming commercial for the next RX party. I was stucked checking the text lines and at the same time was logged in to plurk, where my good friend Carl "The Veggie Circle" Valenzona had been throwing comments at me. My only breakfast was the Butter Coconut Biscuit Rico had thrown at me. I'm starting to warm up to coming to the station every Sunday.

Right now I don't know if Rico is kidding or serious, that I should be early to start along with him. He's asking me to bring a topic to talk about next Sunday. Unfortunately wasn't able to do some plugging some events happening for this week. I was thrown out of my focus, and yes Rico I need some serious lovin'. And that is what his running joke on his video blog was about.

Let's see about next Sunday... I'm still thinking what topic I should come up that would be interesting for this Sunday.

I'm just crossing my fingers if I'll be there early for it.

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