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04.21.2010 - Johnsons & Johnsons and clothing brand BAYO just recently launched a Soft Look fashion show at Encore II Super Club in Global City Taguig. Special thanks to Azrael Coladilla and Lace Llanora for privilege letting me tag along with them for this exclusive event.

An eye opener personally in paying my dues as an amateur photographer. I haven't been into one, since my chance to do a coverage with local bands and artist from way back. This really gave me a challenge and the realization that I need to upgrade my gear...

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Its been since November 2007 since I switch to a hybrid P&S/SLR camera. This one is no cake walk trying to capture the models. This is not a cosplay event that you have to prance around and ask them to stop. Besides that there's no minors where modeling in this event. This is where real photographers take things to the next level.

Some where good shots and there bad shots due to, that my Canon Power Shot S5iS is already beyond its age, when it comes to being used mostly to take photos in these kinds of environment.

There are dark shots and over exposed one, but I got shots that I'm personally proud of. It might not be good for others to say I failed but overall this is how do my thing. I learn from mistakes and come with a better one to bounce back.

The event from last night was an eye opener for me to get back what I really love to do. Namely photography that began all this blogging, and the current incarnation of Toy Photography which Mach "Diesel" Manuel has re-introduced to me.

I really need to get my game back, since I haven't taken live moving objects for so long. I've been stuck with non-movable object. Its crazy to miss the opportunity, but my appreciation for photography has given me a new perspective and this is what came out from last night.

Definitely enjoyed it!

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