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04.24.2010 - Undaunted tells the history how the Lopez Group was founded as told by Oscar M. Lopez, the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Its a musical play done with a big production.

The objective was to show how Filipinos can rise to the occasion no matter what the odds may come. Through the years the Lopez family has endured from bad to good times, but still never gave up to serve the Filipino people...

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The songs are haunting but it gives you great pleasure how the Lopez family began. Your not only get entertained you see how everything began. Oscar Lopez was brilliant how he searched the family's history tracing back to the 1800s. In the four years of his researched he has compiled a book about his family's ancestry.

At 80 OML still has a sharp mind and indeed can still slug it out with the rest of everyone. I never knew this side of the Lopez family history until now. I once browsed excerpts how Geny "Kapitan" Lopez Jr. came to be in his biography, but I never heard of Oscar M. Lopez known as OML. The third and current chairman of the Lopez Group, presiding over 120 companies and foundations including First Philippine Holdings Corp., Benpres Holdings Corp., ABS-CBN, First Gen, First Gas, Rockwell Land, Energy Development Corp, and SkyCable, among others.

Reading through the program I've come to know more about OML in a short time. As my fellow bloggers breeze through the play we got transported back, and forth to the country's past. Not only he tells about the rise of the Lopez Group, but shares us the history how they became part of the country's evolution.

Some would disagree but the Lopez Group of companies has made a stamp of their own legacy in the Philippines' economic growth.

Though not a fan of musicals it was done in good manner. They really put a lot of effort on the production. I might say it has a Broadway caliber production, but at the heart of this play is the story is all about family. It gives us the reason to be proud as a Filipino, that we should strive hard to fulfill our dreams.

One quote by Eugenio Lopez's legacy puts me in a perspective that "“material wealth should never enslave a man, but that a man should always be the master of material wealth and use it to serve his fellow men.”

This encouraged me to find my personal direction in life, and be the man of my own to show what I can contribute to my family.

I find OML is not only a business man but a visionary on his won stature. For what his father's legacy has passed upon him is what he shares to every Filipino. He asked us to strive and work harder for our country.

As the curtain closes it gives me thought what the word "Undaunted" is all about. Its rarely a word mentioned or heard, but from what I understand it meant the challenges we face. As I look up the word it says about courage and resolution. Not to be shaken, discouraged or disheartened.

This was the message Oscar M. Lopez imparts to everyone and I'm sure this will be our words to be motivated again.

About Undaunted: The Musical

The musical play runs from April 23 - 24, 2010 at the Meralco Theater. If you want to check further details "Like" the Facebook page of LopezLink

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