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04.24.2010 - The King of Comedy transports you every Sunday afternoon into enchanting realms as TV5 delivers the weekly fantasy and comedy series "Pidol's Wonderland," a collection of wonderful stories for the whole family as told by no other than Dolphy himself as the very funny and endearing "Mang Pidol."

Pidol's Wonderland dramatizes, adapts, and retells well-loved folk tales and legends, as well as original tall tales and fantasy stories that are perfect for the kids as well as for the whole family. A curio shop owner in downtown Manila, Mang Pidol brings in the comedy together with his sons Bart (played by Vandolph Quizon) and Panyong (Epi Quizon), his daughter-in-law Jenny, and his cute granddaughter Baby VJ...

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The curio shop is where Mang Pidol's animated storytelling sessions are usually attended by a motley group of common folks in the neigborhood—the barbers Samson (Brod Pete) and Adonis (Long Mejia), the bakery owner Brigit (Joy Viado), and her assistant, Lyla (Arianna Barouk).

The king of comedy tries his hand in story telling together with real-life sons Vandolph and Epi Quizon. The new TV show is on its third week and directed by Eric Quizon. A TV series where you can relate to your own family. Pidol's Wonderland is not only for the kids but for everyone. Anyone who loves a good sense of humor, but who are also into fantasy should watch this new series on TV5.

Next Episode

On its fourth episode this Sunday, Mang Pidol tells the story of Ningning (played by Sweet Ramos) in the episode entitled "Ningning Sinungaling," with guests Lovely Rivero and Sammy Lagmay as Ningning's parents. Ningning is a little girl whose illusions of being rich, inspired by her family's poverty, has led her to become a chronic liar, telling her classmates that she lives in a big mansion and owns a hundred pair of shoes.

But Ningning doesn't know that someone else hears and despises her lies—an old mysterious lady who will put a spell on her that will turn her nose, ears, and chin grow long with every lie she makes.

How will Ninging solve her big and long problems? Find out this Sunday, April 25, as Mang Pidol treats his viewers to a weekly dose of humor, light drama, adventure, romance, and fantasy on "Pidol's Wonderland" directed by Eric Quizon, airing every 6:30PM on TV5.

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