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04.04.2010 - A quick drop by at Monster Radio RX93.1 was my intended plan, since its going to be a full scheduled Sunday for me. Rico Robles was alone in the station waiting for Gino Q. I could have been early for a full show, but due to being staycation at home I got up late in the morning.

Rico's into boxing and was watching the Roy Jones Jr. VS. Bernard Hopkins fight live online. A much awaited fight 17 years in the making. I remember one fight from Roy Jones Jr. but that was in his fighting form back in the day...

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Rico Robles had more fun during the holy week in Baguio with family, while I was left home alone and organized a Black Saturday Meet-Up of geeks at my place. Mostly stayed indoors and watched a season 1 marathon of Big Bang Theory, Tenacious D uncut movie, an anime titled Summer Wars, and watching the third season of TransFormers Animated.

So I wasn't early enough to get there at Rico's show, and I appreciate the hospitality. I'm still working on the podcast project, but making video blogs are easier than anyone could imagine. Rico Robles has doing a lot of those dubbed Rico Robles Overtime, where he reviews about his current projects coming up ideas for Paradays or doing reviews about food and stuff that catches his interest.

You just search for his name and add him on his facebook to view the video blogs. Prbably will be back next week for the full boardwork. Catch Rico Robles daily with Jude Rocha for RX The Ride after Chico and Delamar's The Morning Rush.

You can also catch him on Saturdays to Sundays during Hip26, and possibly hear me during Rico Robles' show at 8AM to 12PM this Sunday.

You'll never know.... See ya!

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