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Apr 4, 2010

The Bulgogi Whopper!

04.04.2010 - what a Sunday to cap Easter with a dinner at Buger King. My thoughts was to go home straight and have dinner there instead. I was practically exhausted through the toy shoots and run around the Bonifacio High Street. There where a lot of people earlier I felt lost with what else to do.

Spending my Easter alone wasn't part of the plan, But it worked for me to be able to look around. So on the home with a box of doughnuts I still head and passed by Glorietta 4 in Ayala.

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I stopped by Burger King and had my thoughts on the Whopper Stunner, which composed of the Wopper Jr., Fries, and a medium soda with a free Sundae. Eventually I end up with their latest offering. The Korean Bulgogi Whopper meal. Its been a while since I had a full size Whopper burger, but this one is an exception.

Spent more than PhP 175.00 pesos that up sized it. I didn't know they would up size my drink to large meaning bigger than the usual large standard in other burger joints locally.

Rich with Bulgogi meat and sauce the Bulgogi Whopper is a challenge more than ever.
Though its a messy way to eat with those sauce dripping, but its something else compared to the standard Whopper.

Its like the same Whopper with all the vegetable ingredients, but with the Bulgogi meat and sauce replacing the Pattie that made the Whopper. It has become a household name for Burger King when the Whopper is the main topic.

This time around they added that Korean famed meat, and I highly suggest you try it. But if the budget is way off you can also try the BK Singles version with the same Bulgogi goodness.

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