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04.07.2010 - Flash Forward the latest series launched recently by FOX Asia on April 5, 2010 at White Moon Bar. The series has become a cult phenomenon in the US and its now attracted more fans in the Philippines.

A new group of local fans namely bloggers, who where invited and was given the opportunity to see the launch has started their very own fan group on facebook (Search "Flash Forward Fans Philippines")...

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FOX TV's New Series

Flash Forward is the latest hit US TV series from FOX, the world’s #1 US series channel. The series’ plot centers around an eerie, chaotic vision of the future after a mysterious event makes everyone on Earth lose consciousness for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Soon after, the whole world changes because people had a glimpse of their lives six months in the future during their brief blackout. A team of FBI dedicates its time in figuring out the mystery behind the global “flash forward.” Joseph Fiennes from Shakespeare in Love and John Cho from American Pie trilogy lead FlashForward’s outstanding cast.

With its high ratings and positive reviews from the international press, FlashForward is the must-see series of 2010. Catch its first Philippine premiere on April 5, Monday at 10PM on FOX Channel, Sky Cable channel 50.


Two Episode Feature

FOX TV Asia featured two episodes at 10PM recently on April 5, 2010 at Sky Cable channel 50. Here's the run down of those two episodes that you missed on launch day...

"No More Good Days" - The series opens on a seemingly ordinary day, which soon becomes extraordinary as everyone in Los Angeles blacks out for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. It soon becomes apparent the blackouts were worldwide, and were accompanied by a flash-forward where each person saw what might be his or her life on April 29, 2010, roughly six months into the future. FBI Agent Mark Benford and a team of agents in Los Angeles begin gathering clues as to what might have happened as they struggle

to come to terms with their own visions, or in Demetri Noh's case, a lack of one. Meanwhile, Mark's wife and daughter each have disturbing visions of the future with which they must cope. As the episode closes, FBI Agent Janis Hawk makes a startling discovery: an image from CCTV in Detroit of a man in black, walking through the stadium while everyone around him is unconscious.

"White to Play" - The FBI begins to acquire vital clues about the blackout. The web site they've established leads them to Utah, and eventually to the conclusion that there were at least two people awake during the blackout.

Mark is convinced more than ever that his wife Olivia's vision (that she will take up with another man) is inevitable after she meets the man, Lloyd Simcoe, while treating his son at the hospital. Olivia insists that she will never love anyone but him, but Mark's attitude towards the situation may turn the vision into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Demetri gets more information about his own fate. Mark learns some frightening information from his daughter, Charlie, about her blackout vision.

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