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03.28.2010 - What an unplanned travel to just do a quick radio visit to a friend namely Gelli Victor, since I haven't seen her in a long time. now it turned out to be a four hour guest stint at Rico Robles' Sunday show.

A few knew of my past being part of Monster Radio RX93.1's Radio 1 original batch of student jocks. I had a a few guest stints with the current Radio1 jocks in their show previously in December 2009, and the most recent one during Enzo's last in January of this year. I was unprepared that really made wanted this childhood dream happen again...

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Thanks to Rico Robles for that opportunity, and giving my dues for the reason why I appreciated my current job even more. Because I never developed my speaking skills over the phone without my past experience being part of radio broadcasting even though that was over almost 11 years ago.

Getting upclose with the man made me appreciate how I should value every bit of what I learned from my past experience with radio. I have come to experience what these jocks goes through everyday and I felt little more gaining back my motivation by the day.

To quote Michael Jordan "my itch has been scratched" even more. My hunger for being on-air live on FM radio has given me the chance to re-evaluate, and re-learn what I had learned before. I had to admit I'm not spontaneous, but each hour of the show I have learn how to be conversational again. Rico advised I should start my own podcast with regards to my interest. During the show we talked about the phrase "More Power" and "God Speed". Talking to callers and just having a good on-air chit chat. The conversation didn't stop on-air, but off the mic with his interest about blogging in-between songs.

We also talked about his experience in the mosh pit during the Timbaland concert which also featured Justin Timberlake and Jojo. He even gave me a souvenir of what's left of that mosh pit ticket.

Lately Rico has been doing video blogs on his facebook account (just search for "Rico Robles") and you can add him to watch "Rico Robles: Overtime", where he reviews about his current projects coming up ideas for Paradays or doing reviews about food and stuff that catches his interest.

You can catch Rico Robles daily with Jude Rocha after Chico and Delamar's The Morning Rush. You can also catch him on Saturdays to Sundays during Hip26.

Seriously working on radio or taking calls in a call center have one thing in common. You communicate with people, but the only difference on radio is its less stressful and you stay true to yourself.

Here's hoping to hang out again next Sunday.

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