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02.07.2010 - This month hearts will be more in red with love spreading the cheer. As Valentines Day is just a few days away do you have plans to make someone special feel more than just an a occassion? If your having difficulty that she's far away within yoyr reach there's a way to make things even better or simpler like this online store that would probably help.

Island Rose (http://www.islandrose.net/) maybe the next big thing for your online Valentines Day needs. Its not only dedicated to providing service for this occasion, but a helpful online gift shop for anything under the sun.You can take advantage of there special for this month of hearts. Interested buyers for Valentines Day can use this 10% discount code VDAY022010. This discount code is valid until February 20...

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As early as now you set your preparations to send flowers for that special someone and what caught my attention is the Grand Gala. This deep burgundy flower variety has large blooms and long thorn less stems. A popular choice among people with a large passion for life. Use these Philippines Flowers to show your deepest affection!

For One Dozen its priced at Php 1,650.00 and if you want to up for more Two Dozen Php 2,250.00 pesos. She will surely appreciate this and you have an option to have set a variety.

Every Island Rose you Send Flowers in the Philippines is hand picked meticulously, and delicately packaged to be sent anywhere wherever in the country. Packaged in a stylish shipping box designed to get your flowers safely to its destination. The flowers are arranged and delivered via first-class couriers. The roses are delivered during bud stage so that you or your recipient can enjoy watching them bloom.

For a traditional romantic you can avail the Red Passion. A love note has traditionally been a symbol of eternal love and devotion.

Write your message in our special Island Rose greeting card and we’ll send it with red long stem roses. For three roses that's PhP 590.00 pesos or bump it up to three more for a half dozen at PhP 850.00 pesos. Flower Delivery to the Philippines is not hassle as Island Rose takes care of your items.

So if you haven't had time to send flowers in the Philippines and your living overseas Island Rose.Net is the next best option for you to make that special someone happy.

They are not only specializing in providing the flowers, but also have sweets, stuff toys, scents, and accessories to add to the flowers your going to send to that special someone this Valentines Day.

Surely this month won't be any different from the previous past ones in February, and take advantage to seize the day with Island Rose. Net!

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