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02.01.2010 - Yahoo! Meme was introduced towards the end of 2009. Its a different kind social networking sites. Similar to photo hosting sites or sort of micro blogging, that express your thoughts not through words. Its a place where you can take one simple entry into a virtual viral word of mouth.

I first heard of it from one of my blog hopping friends, and was fortunate to have the chance to be one the first few to use its services. Thanks to Cher Cabula for that invite I didn't hesitate to immediately start posting my daily photography...

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There are several options that Yahoo! Meme can provide you not only you post your photos, videos and text. You can also add your friends who have their own account too. If your not fond of writing but would like to post funny or interesting images Yahoo! Meme is for you.

You can post anything and everything in between, and if you build your contacts. If they liked your post they'll sort of re-blog it in the network, and it spreads out to other people connected who also has Yahoo! Meme.

Before when I was starting with Yahoo! Meme I post mostly toy photography, and some interesting things I see in my everyday journey to work or just a quick snap on something caught my attention. A few of my colleagues have become addicted to it.

Lately I admit I haven't been regularly following people I knew at Yahoo! Meme due to work schedules, and a ton blog events keeping me occupied. So what I do these days is compile the photos I've taken in the past few days and post them altogether. There a some people I knew who use Yahoo! Meme as to spread their posts from there blog linked to capture readers.

Its easy steps to opening a new Yahoo! Meme, and all you need is an existing Yahoo account or if you don't an access just sign up at http://meme.yahoo.com. If you already got an email with Yahoo the set up will be quick. Just choose a user name for you Meme account and you can start posting.

Though customization is somewhat limited, and you can't edit the entry that have already posted. Maybe if Yahoo! is reading this they should be proud to hear feedback in adding and an "edit" button in the future.

For now I'm good with having a Yahoo! Meme, and you can definitely follow me through my account at Mark Cerbo short for "MC" (http://meme.yahoo.com/mc) and in turn I can add you too.

Due to my hectic work schedule, I missed the Blog4Review (http://www.blog4reviews.com) party last December where Yahoo Meme was presented. Nevertheless, glad to know a lot of bloggers are trying out the service.

So what are you waiting for? Start getting into Yahoo! Meme.

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