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Alpine Skiing

02.24.2010 - In alpine skiing, players have to travel down a vertical drop that ranges from 180 metres (slalom) to 1,100 metres (downhill) for men and 140 metres (slalom) to 800 metres (downhill) for women. If a skier misses a gate, he/she mist climb back or go through the missed gate or else he/she will be disqualified...

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1. Downhill - has the longest and highest speed in the alpine skiing.
2. Super-G - the course is shorter than the downhill.
3. Giant Slalom - similar to the slalom, with fewer, wider and smoother turns.
4. Slalom - has the shortest course and the quickest turns.
5. Super Combined - combination of 1 downhill run and 1 slalom run.


The athletes use a sled or a light, narrow wooden platform (toboggan) to slide on a snow or ice.


There are 2 teams playing taking turns in pushing a 19.1 Kg stones towards a series of circles. Their aim is to get the stones as close to the centre of the rings as possible.


Its a combination of cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. The aim is to compete the course in the least amount of time hitting as many targets as possible to avoid time penalties.


1. Individual Start - competitors start one at a time & stop 4 times at the shooting range to take 5 shots at a target. If they miss a shot, 1 minute will be added to their total time. The athlete with the lowest combined ski time & shooting time penalty, wins.

2. Sprint - Similar to individual start but they have to stop only twice at the shooting range to take 5 shots at the target. The athletes with the lowest time & penalty loops wins.

3. Pursuit - The top 60 finishers in the sprint event qualify for this competition.

4. Relay - Each group is consist of four people, each member will another one by one. Each should ski 3 legs and must stop twice at the shooting range. They are allowed to have 8 shots each and if they miss the target, they'll get penalty of 150-metre lap for each missed shot.

5. Mass Start - the 30 best-ranked competitors will start together and must stop four times at the shooting range to take five shots at a target. If they miss a shot, they must ski a lap around a 150-metre penalty loop. The first one to cross the finish line wins.

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