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02.25.2010 - In this game, the athletes are using 2 techniques to ski: classic & free techniques. In classic techniques, the athletes ski parallel to each other through tracks while in free technique, the athletes use shorter skis and are faster than the classic technique.


1. Individual Start - An athlete starts every 30 seconds and the best skier is the one to start at the very end. The athlete with the lowest time wins.

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2. Mass Start - Athletes start simultaneously in a arrow format. The best skier is positioned st the arrow's point. The first one across the line wins. The photograph taken at the moment of the crossing determines the winner.

3. Pursuit - A combination of classic and free techniques which is similar to mass start.

4. Individual Sprint - The top 30 finishers from the qualification round will advance to quarter finals and the winners of the finals rounds will have 6 skiers to complete for the gold medal

5. Team Sprint - Two athletes from each team will alternatively ski the sprint course for 6 laps, 3 times each. The first team to cross the finish line of the lap wins.

6. Relay - Four-member team will ski using classic & free techniques using 2 athletes per technique. The first to cross the finish line after the fourth and las leg wins.

Figure Skating

The figure skating has 4 disciplines and each performance is being graded by the judges and that makes up the score of the athletes.


1. Singles - The skaters have to complete both the short and long programs with the steps, jumps, spins, and combination both set to music

2. Pairs - This follows the same format as the singles. One male & one female skate together incorporating lifts, throws, and other movements.

3. Ice Dance - This is performed by a couple with music interpretation and precise steps. This does not include overhead lifts and jumps and is similar to ballroom dancing.

Freestyle Skiing

There are 3 tricks included in freestyle skiing. These are the twister, spread-eagle, iron-cross, and the helicopter.


Luge is the French word for sled. Athletes sit on an open fiberglass sleds to race. They pull on fixed handles in the ice to start and they use their spiked gloves on ice surface to accelerate more before they lie down and stretch their feet. They steer using their legs & brake by sitting up.

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