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11.19.2009 - Warner Brothers Philippines takes you to another riveting action for you to see this November. From the creators of Matrix now brings you Ninja Assassin, and I was given the chance to see the red carpet premier at the Gateway Mall Cinema earlier this evening.

Fellow bloggers and online media friends was been given the delightful access to see this movie first. The movie did not begin without the cocktails, and special raffle for viewers who gets a special preview on one of the talk about films...

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Though I wasnt't able to make it earlier, but was able to see the upcoming films. Warner Brothers Philippines has showed some featured trailers from Clash of the Titans, Amelia, and Sherlock Holmes.

Though not to spoil you or give away on my personal review.

All I can say is the crowed was thrilled, and you can feel the audience go crazy through the important scenes. As every bit action everyone was holding there breath so to speak.

I didn't noticed Rain was the main actor on this film, and was surprised to see one of the famed martial arts actor also gracing the film. Namely the legendary Sho Kosugi, who's familiar face had appeared in previous notable martial arts films.

The cinema was packed to see this, and I'm sure one of the highly recommended films to see this coming week as I was off to end another nightly adventure.

Thank you again to Warner Brothers Philippines and another sure hit worth seeing.

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Jay-L said...

kala ko may spoilers eh ..buti wala sa 24 ko pa kase to mapapanood :)

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