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11.19.2009 - A couple of days ago after seeing the replica of the Big Blue Baby What at Glorietta 5. I just killed a few more time to check out the local toy stores in the area. I know window shopping is not the way to go, and I haven't bought something that really hurt my budget.

Unfortunately I haven't been into that situation since Mid-September. The last thing I bought in major spending was the USS Enterprise, which cost half of the actual price. There's nothing for me to run and be desperate until I saw DJ Hero...

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I almost have gone through department stores, that has toy sections and there was nothing I could hope for. I seem to have basically have my toy fix a couple of months back. Not to mention being able to save enough money for the Singapore trip this recent August had given me a lesson on control.

Mostly I'm just good and there's too many unopened stuff I could go through from my storage. But right now I had lots of busy time to cover all those free hours sleeping in the afternoon. The last thing I would be interested in is video games. I haven't pick up the controller, since I got bored with Gran Turismo 4 for the antiquated Sony PlayStation 2 sitting on my makeshift shelf.

Thanks to Rico Robles or RX93.1 I have rekindled my urge to want, and own at least one of the those next gen game consoles. Actually Rico had mentioned about the latest DJ Hero video game. I never heard or saw anything about it, until I got to Kidstation things where never the same.

The game needs a turn table, that simulated DJ Hero. I remember being a radio DJ, but never had that chance to spin on the turn tables. I recall hanging out at the old 89.1 DMZ seeing old pal Jellybean spin his mix back in high school days. I just definitely didn't get that chance, but maybe this time I will... If I get one for the game consoles first.

So there I was at Kidstation the store clerk who was playing it encouraged me, and gave that chance to spin some mix out one of Eminem's hits. Like the real turn table used by DJ mixers the DJ Hero never fails just like its predecessor... The Guitar Hero.

But this one surely got me convinced... Oh yeah just I go to have patience. Just like my good pal Tim used to say... Have patience.

Indeed. Its time to mix. DJ MC comin' back at ya.

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