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09.22.2009 - Last night was A Grateful Nation Starts with You by Toblerone promoting The 2nd National Thank You Day.

Spearheaded by Swiss Chocolate brand Toblerone, the 2nd National Thank You Day on October 20, 2009 aims to bring people together to honor extraordinary and inspirational people in the Philippines who deserve to be shown the sincerest appreciation.

Last night was the launch of the day to say Thank You to your friends, love ones, officemates, and anyone the lives touch everyday...

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The launch was held in Fiama earlier this evening. A giagantic Toblerone booth was set up, where you can send a Thank You Greeting card to your friends within Metro Manila. I sent a couple of greeting cards to close friends in Pasig & Cavite hoping they make to each destination.

Excerpts of the press release for this year's National Thank You Day can read through below...

“Last time, we wanted Filipinos to express their gratitude more often and we did just that with the success of the celebration of the first National Thank You Day,” says Carlo Licuanan, Senior Brand Manager, Kraft Foods (Philippines), Inc., citing Toblerone’s first effort aimed at debunking the Reader's Digest survey, which claimed that the Philippines is one of the least courteous nations in the world. “But for this year, we went a step further by urging Filipinos to say more meaningful thank yous.”

The National Thank You Day Awards honors individuals whose talent, leadership, and vision in their respective fields not only brought recognition to our country but touched our lives and made us grateful for being Filipino as well.

“We are giving each Filipino the chance to say his sincerest thank you by nominating or voting for the person he thinks embodies the spirit of the National Thank You Day Award,” says Licuanan.

Among the nominees for the National Thank You Day Awards are Monique Lhuillier, a Filipino fashion designer known internationally for her world-class bridal gown designs, Brilliante Mendoza, recipient of the Best Director Award at Cannes International Film Festival for his film Kinatay, and former President Cory Aquino, one of the greatest leaders of all time known for her fight for freedom and democracy.

“And to empower fellow Filipinos to say thank you prolifically, we have also set up a petition to encourage everyone to join our cause to make October 20 a national holiday,” continues Licuanan, “for a bid to make the Philippines as the Thank You Capital of the World.” This follows the previous initiative of Manila City Mayor Alfredo Lim with his declaration of October 20 as the official Thank You Day of the City of Manila, making the city the first in the country to have done so.

“Once again let’s prove to the world this October 20 on the National Thank You Day celebration that by simply saying thank you and meaning it, we, as a country, can become the most grateful nation of all,” says Licuanan.

Be part of a grateful nation. Join the rest of the country as it honors the one person whom a grateful nation will say a resounding thank you to. For more information, visit www.thankyoudayphilippines.com.

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