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09.23.2009 - AOC (Admiral Overseas Corporation) has recently launch the 36 Series monitors at Banana Leaf in Greenbelt 3 Ayala Mall. Online media bloggers got the chance to see the latest monitors also sponsored by Net 25.

Though the continues rain had poured it didn't stop AOC for promoting the latest LCD monitors. They also raffled off Gift Certificates by Rustan's and a AOC monitor as the grand prize.

Banana Leaf provided a scrumptious dinner served to those, who attended the launch. They showed us the latest models from the 36 Series monitors.

Each capability and its latest features...

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As above mentioned online bloggers took home some nifty prizes like the Rustan's Gift Certificates, and the AOC 936Sw 19" LCD Class monitor which was up for grabs.

For more about the latest AOC 36 Series LCD monitors. Read on below for the official press release...

LCD turns Green: AOC 36 Series

September 23, 2009 - Admiral Overseas Corporation (AOC) has continually lived by the "art of colors" in bringing beauty to your digital lifestyle by offering a wide range of top performing CRT & LCD monitors and LCD TVs.

But more than this advancement in technology, AOC has maintained an environmental-friendly mindset towards gearing up for the preservation of resources. AOC being a green company have set the standards of manufacturing products that do not need to sacrifice quality performance and great display for energy efficiency.

"AOC is positioned to be one of the top global players in providing the best value display technology."

AOC added to their widescreen LCD range monitors that bring green, entertainment, human-element life experience: 936Sw, 2236Vw and 2436Vw.

Highest Standard Awardee
Winning the EPEAT Gold Award, the AOC's latest addition of visually striking new monitors has achieved the highest standard of "Green" monitor.

EPEAT is a system that evaluates electronic products through its environmental attributes so that purchasers may be able to assess their respective product choices.

“Desktops, laptops and monitors that meet 23 required environmental performance criteria may be registered in EPEAT by their manufacturers in 40 countries worldwide. Registered products are rated Gold, Silver or Bronze depending on the percentage of 28 optional criteria they meet above the baseline criteria. EPEAT operates an ongoing verification program to assure the credibility of the registry.” (epeat.net)

Low energy consumption
AOC Monitors require low energy consumption; it offers premium picture quality for graphics-intensive applications. These competitively priced high performance monitors have unique external design, framing the screen in a glossy piano black finish with sea shell texture and seamless controls to maintain the elegantly smooth exterior design.

When switched to Power Saving mode, the monitor only uses 50% of the power, this without affecting image quality and saving up to 104,000W per year. Up to 75% of the energy used in a typical LCD monitor can be saved while using the 936Sw compared to CRT monitors. Meanwhile, AOC’s market leading i-Bright technology reduces backlight CCFL for lower power consumption and less mercury substance. A USB connector is also conveniently placed for easier attachment of devices.

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AOC 936 Sw
The 936Sw is a 19" LCD Monitor, with analog D-sub input. It requires low energy consumption making it ideal for those looking for technology that shares their commitment to sustainable technology.

AOC 2236Vw
The 2236Vw is a 22" LCD Widescreen HD Monitor, with both analog D-sub and DVI-D inputs. It has a super-fast response time, its wall-mountable and requires low energy consumption.

AOC 2436VW
The 2436Vw is a 24" Class LCD Widescreen HD Monitor, with both analog D-sub and DVI-D inputs. It has a super-fast response time and it’s wall-mountable.

About AOC:

AOC was established in Taiwan in 1967. With long-term dedicated research and development, AOC today offers a wide range of top performing CRT & LCD monitors, and LCD TVs.

AOC witnesses tremendous growth in the recent years. On a year-to-year basis, AOC maintains an average growth of above 20% for the past consecutive 3 years. In 2008 alone, AOC shipped 8.4 million units of PC monitor and TV products, representing an annual growth of 20.8%. AOC achieved impressive sales performance in Asia Pacific & South America. AOC market share increased 2.1% from 12.2% in Y2007 to 14.3% in Y2008 in Asia Pacific, which IDC AP ranked AOC second in volume in Asia Pacific (ex. Japan) (Source: IDC AP non-bundled PC Monitor Tracker Q4 2008.

AOC is positioned to be one of the top global players in providing the best value display technology. Nowadays AOC offers not only a cold hardware, but also unique lifestyle feeling. AOC LCD monitor brings green, entertainment, human-element life experience. AOC-art of color, color you life.

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