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08.20.2009 - During my Singapore travel I haven't had the opportunity to try to local dishes, but had the chance to see the difference between the usual stuff we take for granted here in the Philippines.

Namely the fast food restaurants that we everyday see isn't that common once you tried sampling what we don't have in their menu. Upon the arrival at Changi International Airport, and after getting lost to Terminal 2.

It leaves a tired traveler something to hunger about, and it was good there was a McDonald's outlet located in the area. The first thing I looked at was the menu and saw the Wasabi Double Fish-O-Fillet meal for $4.60 SG Dollars.

I had it up size it and added a few cents to get the large fries and drinks. It was actually my lunch while getting connected online.

On the same day when I'm all settled at Hotel 81: Bencoleen. I decided to head out and catch STGCC 2009 preview night since I was running late going out at 5PM.

A first time traveler alone was really an exhausting one. I haven't totally had a serious rest, since I mostly slept on the plane. But after going to Suntec International Convention Centre and getting overwhelmed with the recent STGCC you tend to forget the hunger.

Internet connection was really bad in the hotel upon my arrival and tried going online at a nearby Starbucks at Suntec, where a resident Filipino helped me get connected. Unfortunately to know avail connection still not established. So I decided to back up my files while enjoying a their version of coffee jelly.

Some have large servings and the only fast food that was slight off was Kentucky Fried Chicken. I bought the Ultimate Value Box meal for $6.80 SG Dollars, that only have a one piece chicke, a zinger, and a mashed potato that almost tasted like tofu. It was Friday when I had a late lunch upon arriving Suntec on foot with a broken pair of Air Jordans.

It was practically insane have walked from the hotel up to one of the biggest malls in Singapore. I had to go to the nearest Nike store for a pair, which had advice me to take a less expensive pair at Royal Sporting House just across the store. Turns out I enjoyed wearing normal sneakers as to the usual basketball wear.

By dinner time I went back to the basement where all the fast foods stores where located. I didn't stopped for Burger King, which was a definite fave on the list of sampling their Double Whopper Jr. meal.

Too bad they don't have Wifi access and they where a few minutes to closing time. So I was backing up files with limited update earlier in the morning. Towards the weekend I tried dinning Mint Toy Museum's cafe sampling Crab Linguine and then dinner atPizzeria Giardino with a Heineken on hand.

Though I spent like $25.54 SG Dollars at Mint's cafe for a pasta with a Raspberry tea which was a large serving as my brunch. I was running late going back to the convention on Saturday. So I decided to dine there instead and experience it just for once.

The night I hang out with Greg at Action City now eating at Pizzeria Giardino is class act located in Chimes.

No local was dinning at that place but mostly foreigners. Greg mentioned Chimes is a veritable upper class place and rarely a local dines at that place. We had a special pizza ordered and forgive the quality of the image.

On my last day Dash treated me along with his family at Segafredo, which back home is already one of the classy restaurant. I haven't tried the sandwiches but this one was no exception.

When I got to the Budget Terminal of Changi airport the only place is still McDonald's, where I had a Big Mac meal that had a little difference how it was served here. I just got to miss those condiments area at McDonald's they have pepper packets. Maybe next here hopefully I'll try the local food.

Singapore is one place you should try sampling the dishes its a definite.

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