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Aug 19, 2009

Mint Toy Museum.

08.19.2009 - The Mint Museum of Toys is one of the places you should see in Singapore if your into collecting. Appreciate the toys of the past as well as appreciation for the hobby. It is literally indeed a time capsule when I left a comment at a door before dining at there classy cafe.

The entrance to the museum will cost you $15.00 SG dollars, but I got to pay half only since the Singapore Toys, Games, & Comic Convention Event Guide had coupons in the back page which I cut out to use at that time.

The museum has five levels categorized in themes like Outerspace, Characters, Childhood Favorites, Collectibles, and the reception for Shop & Tickets where the souvenirs are sold. The basement offers a Cafe which also has collectibles in display. Though highly suggest to check your budget their Cafe is classy. The pasta is something for you to try.

I had Crab Linguini & Raspberry tea for my brunch. This was Saturday (August 15th) and I was on the way to the day two of STGCC 2009.

Though I didn't get to feature all the photos from the museum, since there was TOO MANY to share. It might take a while to completely see the collections. But more photos including the cafe in the basement will be up soon.

For now see the slide show of what's inside the Mint Toy Museum.

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