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07.26.2009 - I've been a big fan of MythBusters the first time I saw them on Discovery Channel. I never missed an episode even though I rarely see it on local cable, since there's always internet to download all the episodes I haven't seen.

I didn't knew they where going to be in this year's San Diego Comic Convention this year and saw photos of them walking in the convention floor. I was wondering if Mach Diesel would be around to see these guys. I'm literally a fan of the show, and it would be an honor to see Mach hang out with these duo having there photos together.

Their official Facebook fan page has already photo updates since they where there in day one and I was completely blown away with there presence.

Clearly SDCC is one of my dream conventions I want to go some day.

For now feast your eyes on a few photos taken by Rahoul Ghose...

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