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11.03.2008 - Its been a while since the last trip to the comics shop. Actually its been a month since the last I read about what happened to The New Captain America. What's been happening to the 7th issue of Secret Invasion? And how is Batman going to deal with his current nemesis The Black Glove?

You'd be surprise who was Thor talking to in that three page scene that he called from the after life... Confused already?

I guess if your not into reading super hero comics I'd feel your sentiments. But not every issue that you see would read will make it too logical to understand...

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One book won't make you lost. Unless you don't know the super hero or character your reading about.

Lately comics has gone from just merely a funny book to more adult oriented and story driven. Some have been adopted to the big screen like The Watchmen, which will be coming out in March 2009.

So your not lost there once you pick that book, and some I could say is generally a good read. If your thinking of getting into reading comics get into the familiar character that you know. Because there's a lot of comic books to choose from and a single day trip to the comic store is not enough to get you deciding to pick one.

Ask a friend to accompany you or ask the people at Comic Odyssey they'll sure give you hints on what good book to read.

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