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Sep 27, 2008

Post-Blog Oktoberfest.

09.27.2008 - nagging headache and body's heavy. Yup we are drunk and buried alive in a mountain full of exhaustion. But it was all good as San Miguel Beer's Oktoberfest takes there 120 days to the bloggers night at Taste Asia in SM Mall of Asia, where blog denizens celebrated and got drunk in the wee hours of the night. I couldn't contain the excitement said by one of my friends when he was as red a tomato. I know he never drinks but he was as sober as everyone in the bunch.

But the night won't end with just the drinking and all. Moonstar88 performed all night singing there hit songs and one eye popping Eraserheads cover song of Sembreak captured on video. There was a drinking contest where one of my friends thought, that he was about to drink in a bottle but turns out to be a pitcher!

There was FREE food and there was FREE giveaways as everyone took home something. I got mine in the form of a blue tooth ear piece for my mobile phone, which I doubt would be receiving further calls using this interesting device.

So the night was young and everyone dropped like a rock.

Nobody went online as I expected and everyone was merry taking home six cans of pale pilsen, and a potato chip packed in a yellow bag.

As they say a good event doesn't come once in a lifetime if you don't enjoy life.

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