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08.31.2008 - I guess news was out already with what happened in last night's Eraserheads: The Reunion Concert. I was there with close friends from the blogging community. It was like none I ever seen with the hype and drama surrounding the much talked about Eraserheads lead vocalist Ely Buendia.

No media would cover it than our main man Azrael Coladilla who was a big fan of the band religiously blogged the events development up until last nights stellar performance.

They performed 15 songs in there first set until Ely went down. Thirty or so minutes later they announced that he was rushed to the hospital due previous events, that had happened recently.

But word got out early today that he was in stable condition. So far no news as still in grief of his mother's death two days ago.

And so we wait on what happens next...

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