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11.26.2007 - Finally after a long wait the journey to meet and greet the man in black has come full circle. Though I did not have any book to sign the photos will do just fine.

As generous as anyone in the world Neil Gaiman was really the real Sandman. Seeing and hearing The Wall Of Fans scream on top of there lungs after his introductions is something that bring us back to 2005.

This time around there are no longer lines that took you close to four hours to wait, but the access to see the man was quite a satisfaction. Armed now with a better digital camera is an added spectacle to capturing the moment with the man who brought to you Stardust and executive producer of the much talked about Beowulf.

The excitement never stopped as they announced the winners, and Neil Gaiman speaking on stage like he's your next door neighbor.

He said that he is still addicted to Kalamansi Juice and I hear also about a Choknut cravings as of this moment one for the history books. The event was star studded with comic books artists led by Leinil Francis Yu (Wolverine, New Avengers), Arnold Arre (Andong Agimat), and Lyndon Gregorio (Beerkada) to name a few. This includes The Bloggers Azrael, Ronald Guanzon, and yours truly who covered the event.

The event on stage had performance by a group performing tribal songs. The lights are bright but the rain was quite a downpour on everyone who are not inside the big tent. We thought giving Gerry Alanguilan's third issue comics --Elmer was a futile attempt to get to see him after he walked off the stage as he bid good bye.

But there was a dinner for the winners and finalist who joinjed last year and this year's graphic Fiction Award. Though before we moved to that scene he did said that he will be back for next year's award giving event by Fully Booked.

So after he went off to prepare himself to dinner. The guys and I stayed at Starbucks until it was time for the crew to get up there and meet him.

Like the one happened almost three years ago, this one is more sweeter getting to talk to him like your regular buddy. Finally getting a decent photo with him is enough to say --Mission Accomplished!

Until the bigger event for next year of course!

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