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11.25.2007 - Its been almost three years since we haven't seen the likes of Neil Gaiman. One of the greatest literary artists of modern times. In 2005 the experience was like it was yesterday. Indeed it happened again today in the year 2007 as he came to judge the winners for The 2nd Graphic Fiction Awards.

Honestly I never thought that he wont keep, that promised as I asked that question on his blog about his return. The thought of it was definitely true. He came back and it was a full circle. Not only he came by himself he brought along his son Mike, who works for Google.com the friendly chap.

So I arrived like fifteen minutes after three going up the fourth level of the newly built Fully Booked branch at The Bonifacio High Street. Azrael was there fixing his network wi-fi if he could video blog the who event, but unfortunately the internet access was to weak for
the signal broadcast.

While he tries to get the laptop set-up for the event I chekced the area, where some of the Gaiman Fans waited near the area, where he is conducting his one-on-one interview with the lcoal media. Tim Yap was there too talking to fans and conducting interviews for his TV show.

Indeed things has changed a lot since he first came. The security now is much stricter, and you have to know someone from the inside to get closer to the man in black.

Azrael had a missed opportunity to get close to Mr. Gaiman, because we thought he will be having a second panel of discussion. But it turns out all the events are going to happen on stage at the courtyard fronting the store.

Things are going crazy from down below as Eric Mana the man known as the Philippines' David Blane conducted a magic show.

Its there where the event happened and that's where Mr. Neil Gaiman was introduced on stage...

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