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03.30.2007 – Remember when things are simple back in the days when the Nintendo Gameboy was as big the VHS player. Back then Sega a company who produce video game console to rival Nintendo was into manufacturing toys. Imagine toys that you can put into your pocket?

Well the 80's was interesting in those childhood years in any kid, who is collecting toys right now. Ever got a hold of Sega's Pocket Power? A lot of these came out. The most common among them is the UFO flyer. These where released sometime in 1989. Can't imagine the UFO flyer really flew.

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Ricardo. said...

I didnt knew anyone else actually still remembers / owned any of these. They still hide amongst some of my favorite toys / 'things you fidget with once in a while'. I wish they'd still made simplistic, yet such furfilling toys as these nowadays.

Beatriz said...

Hello! Random lurker here. I have the UFO (mint condition!), and yes, it really does fly. :-) I'll try to take a video of it and post it on youtube soon. lol. :-)

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