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12.04.2006 - Video games will always be video games. Current technology is evolving these game machines for the future, but if you ask me was it worth buying?

Video games are like art too, there the modern Picasso or shall we say Walt Disney. Its graphics are eye candy.

Some say they enrich there knowledge through technology. I say you just want to be entertained to the highest level. That's where some people in between is still gawking at the recent released game consoles such as the Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

Window shopping in the mall won't miss this big black hunk of technology. The Playstation 3 is indeed ahead of our times... And out budget to claim one for ours. Would you believe the IC chips where made in a factory somewhere in Batangas?

Actually the part made the whole package was made in other countries, and was put together in Japan. Sony has new toy for some who would spend lots of money this Christmas.

For now the old black machine released in December 2000 known as the Playstation 2 still have enough juice for me personally. But eyebrows are raising we wish we could experience it. As they say... "Play in your world. Play in ours..."

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