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Dec 14, 2006

Indulge in Style.

12.14.2006 - How do you indulge yourself this holiday season? Maybe for any other special occassion or just an ordinary day?

We have our own opinions, and point of views how we pamper ourselves. It might be something you do everyday or almost rarely. Some indulge in food, toys, gadgets, and what not. But if you would ask me I don't indulge myself. Not until I realize how all the work I put into everyday gives me the reason to reward myself through indulgence.

If you call this an outrageous indulgence, then your opinions are not widely open. Like I said everyone has an indulgence mine's just something of a uncommon kind. I didn't spend nine grand impulsively. Its just that I get much respect to myself. Its why I don't wear a pair unlike before. Now that's how I get my indulgence.

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