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Nov 13, 2006

Tower Records No More.

11.13.2006 - Back in the late 90s Tower Records came to the Philippines via american investors and it was all good. An american brand coming to country, and it was Tower Records and possibly Her Majesty's Voice or known as HMV would follow.

Tower Records has a wide range of selections namely japanese music. No other record store would have music selections from other countries than Tower Records. The only thing that kept the growth was the prices, that for some cant afford those rare CDs.

By mid-2001 Tower Records lost its luster when it was aquired by local rival Music One. This company has been true to delivering a wide range of selections of CDs, but they fell short in bringing those rare music that your parents used to listen to. Tower Records gave that competition, but fell short to attract the masses due to sensitive prices that some are not affordable. After more than six years in the country Tower Records will cease to exist here in the Philippines.

I spoke to one of the branch managers of Tower Records in Pampanga last October 2006, that changes would happen before the end of this year. It was true about the changes, since the "Tower Records" brand name is indeed expensive paying for its rights. Now that its no longer here the closest Tower Records branch would be in Hongkong.

Now that Tower Records is no longer here the question remains would Music One deliver, that kind of concept in bringing music to everyone? As they say... No Music. No Life.

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