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Nov 11, 2006

BossaNova Next Level.

11.11.2006 - BossaNova has re-counquered the mass crowd into listening good and cool music. Thanks in part to Sitti the hottest sensation in country, who would open the doors for more bossa nova for the local artist.

Sofia has followed barely three months in the business, and she is a definite scorcher in her gigs and events. Recording companies are putting up BossaNova compilations left and right like it was a sudden invasion. Even artists like Agot Isidro-Sandejas has cut an album to make you remember The Island.

Far reaching to believe that its too eraly to say that 2006 is the year BossaNova has turned younger audience to converts. Now the music genre translated as new beat is expanding its horizons with another new comer name Raffi Quijano released her debut album titled Manila Blends last November 3rd who hails from Cebu. Even Jerome Rico the man, who played in one of Sitti's songs in her plantinum-ized Cafe Bossa had put up his own album.

Its too early to say for some who would comment as a hype, but like Sitti would say BossaNova is here to stay. Care to see the biggest the very first BossaFestival in the country? Well that would be the day everyone would unite to show you how music change our lives. How it reaches beyond the boundaries of the rich and the poor. BossaNova will be around for a long time.

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