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Oct 8, 2006

Open For Business.

10.08.2006 - Comic Odyssey opened with flying colors. Filipino artists such Leinil Fracis Yu, Gerrey Alanguilan, Carlos Pangulayan, and the quite entertaining Wilson Tortosa graced the store's grand opening yesterday. There was a lot fo people coming in and out of the store. Mostly the card players at a nearby shop that had a mini tournament.

Comic Odyssey has arrived.

People from Artists' Den was around to give support to there artist friends. Comics collectors and long time customers of Comic Odyssey was there. They served free food and drinks to visitors and familair friends. Congratulations to Sandy, Erik, and the whole staff for there new branch. Comic Odyssey is located at the 3rd level expansion mall of Robinsons Galleria. For more photos go browse over HERE.

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