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09.22.2006 - If you haven't tried listening to Sofia's debut album Bossa Latino Lite or has not seen her perform live you'd be missing a lot. I recently reviewed her album and I was mistaken about the album's minor disappointments. Its how she performs live that changes your perception. Remember Roji Soriano (pronounced as RoJay) her duet in the album he's really good when he performs live.

The image of Sofia.

No doubt Sofia will be known being self thought on how to sing in Portuguese. She's more than meets the eye, even though she didn't start the bossa craze. A UST grad student of medtech she didn't planned to have a singing career, but as a simple person like Sofia who doesn't have class she's grounded. This girl's nice and guess what she plays the guitar. If you missed her performance last Wednesday for the Crossover Samba Nights check the photo gallery right HERE.

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