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Sep 21, 2006

Comic Odyssey.

09.21.2006 - I don't usually talk about one of my hobbies, but most often its about comics. I've been reading and collecting them since the late 80s. Sadly two years ago those collection was lost in my old home, where we are forced to move to a new place. Everything was lost not only that and more, but I got some of them what remains as water damaged. After that I bounced back in getting some of the issues thanks to Comic Odyssey.

New Location.

I've been there customer since they opened way back in April 1997 at the old place. I became friends with the past and current employees is like having an extended family. The shop was usually placed where the Fitness First gym now stands. The old location is cramped and has lots of boxes. Originally the shop started in the US somewhere in Pasadena California. Until now they have a branch there.

Bigger and brighter.

Last year May 5th, 2005 to be exact was my first visit to the new location at the 3rd level. Its bigger and more spacious which that place is very wide, that accommodates all your comics including you graphic novel needs. There are more back issue bins that you might be surprised if your looking for something you missed in the past. They also sell various action figures and expensive statues. Not to mention original DVDs, but lately they only get you that by order. So if your into this hobby try dropping by Comic Odyssey at the Robinsons Place Manila. They will open a 2nd branch at Robinsons Galleria soon.

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