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FHM August 2006.

08.03.2006 - I've been to five Seven Elevens and four Mini-Stops near, where I work not a single issue of this August 2006 of FHM featuring last June 2006's ToyCon.

Well get the lowdown surprise on there one-page featured article about, that big event that blown everybody for kids and kids at heart. If you have this copy flip it to page 21, and you'll see what I'm telling you about regarding the above mentioned.

(Please CLICK on the title for the full article)

The crazy thing is it also showed our man from Merry Land grimacing in a small box photo. No not the one that featured me last May 2006 issue of Manual magazine, where I blocked his face from the view for everyone to see.

See page tewnty one of this issue.

Some guy named Azrael Coladilla.

Oh well I know he doesn't have a copy why not run there pick it up right away. His face is so recognizable with his corrected last name.

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azrael said...


Mark! tnx for buying FHM

good news is!

I do have my own copy last friday pa! ahahahahhaa

MC said...

Good for you dude. :)

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