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07.14.2006 - Hooray! Maxim magazine has finally released a local edition by ABS-CBN publishing. I know some of you are already aware about this new print in the stands. I've been reading Maxim since my cousin brought one for me in 2000. This debut July 2006 issue features the hot young upstart named Angelica Panganiban. She's been around actually as one those child stars from the early 90s. Now she's a full grown woman and if your living in a cave, chances are you haven't heard of Maxim magazine.

US June 2006 & Philippine July 2006 issue.

I got the June 2006 issue #102 from my uncle last month, and check out the similar cover format. I've been wanting to feature these issues together, and I guess this is the right time to show it. Even a few articles from the US copy made it through the Philippine edition.

Compare which is the US & Philippine edition?

You'd be surprised how this magazine caught my attention during Azrael's birthday trip. Actually saw the debut issue at a magazine shop in SM Mall of Asia. I suddenly snapped to buy it along with the Pink cover of Burn magazine, which featured a certain singer name Sitti including the latest issue of FHM. I haven't read them lately until I had the free time to do so, but I'm pretty sure you know which magazine you'll take home. I strongly suggest Maxim not only you got Angelica its the First Issue too.

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