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07.30.2006 - If there's Rock Stars: Supernova there's a dancing machine named Dancing Stage Supernova no relation to Rock Stars. Me and RG saw it last night, while taking a breather after pigging out at Wendy's. RG actually test drived the machine floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee to the tune of Golden Sky by Smile DK the singers of the original Dance Dance Revolution's Butterfly.

Dancing Stage: SuperNova

This time around Dancing Stage: SuperNova brings you songs from Janet Jackson and Kylie Minogue artists who sang there actual songs. I can't wait to play this machine again since Dance Revolution Extreme was released almost two years ago. Probably this is the 9th mix, that has been released by Konami and Bemani. Something old is back again, and nothing beats playing it like it was like 1999! More photos of RG test the game HERE.

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