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05.25.2006 - Another stellar performance at Tavern On The Square with Manila's New "IT" Girl Sitti and the place was packed until her last set by 1AM. The regular beautiful people from the forum known as SITTIzens, where again all out jamming with the Bossa Girl.

The Tavern sign sez it.

I would like to suprise you all as well, that I was celebrating my natal day last night. Sitti herself was looking for me that night twice, when I was outside talking to a friend who came after seeing X-Men 3. Special thank yous to Sitti, and the rest of the people from the forums lead by MJ for a very memorable birthday celebration. For more of the Tavern coverage see it HERE.

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chompy said...

Pare, maligayang kaarawan! ;)

Wish you lotsa blessings now and in the future. :)

MC said...

Thank you Lei & Lyndon. I hope to see you all again soon.


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