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May 23, 2006

Manual Appearance.

05.23.2006 - A few days ago I was planning to visit my childhood cousin, and to visit his very ill father. Upon calling him on the phone he told, that he saw me of this year's May issue of Manual magazine with Aubrey Miles depicting on the cover. I was surprised to find out about the Hed Kandi experience was published in that particular issue.

Aubrey Miles --HOT!!!

The last time I came out in the magazine was in 1996's Women, where Janno Gibbs and his eldest daughter was the cover. It was the issue that featured RX 93.1's stick-on, and that a was exact 10 years ago.

The Hed Kandi exprience last March 31st. See me now?

Well that was almost three days ago when my cousin asked me about it. I was itching to pick up the magazine last saturday, but since I was on my way to Sitti's party at Stone House I decided to get it the following day. I was busy at work for the past few days until I just got the last copy at a nearby Seven Eleven. I was still having second thoughts of having posted here, but what the heck this is just a rare thing that happens once... Well almost never.

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azrael said...

nyeee..ok ah hahahaaha

paki kuhaan nga ng mabuti
paemial sa akin

di ko makita tabingi e

MC said...

You wont see your face, because I cover it with your hand.



azrael said...

ok lang yun.

basta ba impt. eh nakikita yung body ko

hot hot hot!! hahhahhahaha

chompy said...

cool! Can I borrow the Manual Mag? Daan ka naman minsan sa artistsden meet sa GJ Cubao. ;)

MC said...

I'll try to drop by Chompy just that I've been covering Sitti's event lately.


MC said...

Az is it your body... of a large boy? LOL!


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