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Apr 14, 2006

Holy (Wholly) Trek Day

04.14.2006 - This year's Holy (Wholly) Trek Day has been quite a festive one. Not that I missed it once this count's for a comeback of sort. It was exciting this year as Aegis joined in bringing there unique and rare board games. Not to mention Dodge City a game where you play either a renegade, deputy, and a sheriff in a card game that pits wits with a dynamite in hand. It was also a yearly egg hunting, which have been added to the yearly Holy Trek Day tradition that began in April 2002.

The visual guide to Holy (Wholly) Trek Day.

Special thanks to the Via-Astris led by Captain Paolo Jalbuena and the whole cast of the U.S.S. Kalayaan crew. I can't wait for the TOS shirts to arrive. Pretty much this will be my only uniform, since I lost my Voyager and Enterprise uniforms from two years ago. The Captain jokingly said I should get two of each color, but I doubt I would need another extra three. You can check out the rest of all eighty one Holy (Wholly) Trek Day photos HERE.

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