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03.18.2006 - I left the house very late last night, and I was not able to catch the G4 Live concert of Kitchie Nadal. Actually when I got to Glorietta the concert was about to end. My plan was to watch the concert early, and meet up with Mr. Willy Velaquez to pick up the white version of the Superproxy shirt.

May 23, 1998 Radio1 people with FrancisM.

I guess I got more than I didn't expect meeting FrancisM himself. The last time we met was way back in 1998 during my Radio1 days at Monster Radio RX 93.1, where he was a guest DJ after I went on-board. So I scrapped the Kitchie Nadal coverage, and meet up with FrancisM by 9PM at the Shell gas station in McKinley. I used to hang out with the other Via-Astris people before Pier One was the ten forward (its where the crew hangs out) in those days. Shameless plug for trekkies ha!

Signed stuff courtesy of Freeman.

Going back went there by 9:30PM and was pretty much quick, since they had a scheduled gig at Calamba Laguna that night. He got my shirt and CD compilation of his works signed. He invited me on his next gig on March 31st at Sa Guijo Cafe. You might try dropping by there, and for those who's interested in the Superproxy shirt place orders with Mr. Willy Velaquez at 0917-8485964 for further details. New batch of shirts will be available by March 23rd get yours now!

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