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03.14.2006 - At last my very own Proxy shirt from FrancisM Clothing Kitchen! I just got this from last night thanks to sir Willy Velasquez and to The Man, FancisM. Anyways describing this shirt as sir Willy told me was actually a second release run from the first batch.

Proxy shirt in black.

The original was only a print the one in the Superproxy music video worn by Ely Buendia. The one I got has the words Super at the back, and Proxy in the front embossed. The material used is rubberized print, and they still have the original black prints too, but not my size `cause it was sold out. They also have the white version, which FrancisM have worn in the video. The word is after the Superproxy gets sold there's going to be another FrancisM Clothing Kitchen released related to his song Koleidascope World coming soon.

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