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Feb 17, 2006

The Mirrormask DVD

02.17.2006 - Well its been a while since I last heard about Neil Gaiman and his movie project Mirrormask. My friend Ryan Ambrosio, who I met during his Manila tour sent me a signed copy of Anansi Boys last December had plans to see the flick. I myself can't wait too, but I won't crack the eggs in hoping it will be showed here.

Not the real thing but BETTER.

It turns out I was in Quiapo yesterday ony my way home when I stopped by The Paradise of illegally you-know-what and saw the DVD. At first I was thinking that they would have this not-so good copy until I ask the man selling to test the video. I haven't watched it religously, but just went and browsed the opening intro. All I can say is Dave Mckean rocks!

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Marc Ambrosio said...

The DVD available tends to have some interesting bits, umm...stripped in the process. The missing bits I alude to are the special features portion of the DVD. Luckily the audio commentary track with Gaiman and McKean are still retained. A slight consolation to further enjoy the experience of Mirrormask itself on later viewings. Thanks for dropping by at my blog.

MC said...

Yeah. Same here bro. :)

~*galenlondeien*~ said...

I want to watch this! :)

MC said...

I got the DVD some place they called "Paradise" three weeks ago.

Although it was in DVD clear copy format the other options are useless.

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