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Feb 10, 2006

EK Blastventure!

02.10.2006 - Early mornings where not suppose to be a fun day, but it had to be my rest day. I guess I can't pass up the opportunity to have a little bit of fun once in a while. Its six years since I had last visited Enchanted Kingdom and I was with a joyce of life at that time. A long bus travelled for almost two hours taking a jeepney and then a tricycle ride to San Sta. Rosa was not the ideal cup of tea.

Finally I'm back...

I was with my team at work who planned this crazy idea for the past two weeks. I got this knack about not participating, but I guess I didn't regret to have travelled this long just to see it again.

Enchanted Kingdom!

I'm not quite literally thinking what to do next in an expression that made me become a kid again, and I was back at Enchanted Kingdom for the third time in nine years. The first time I went was way back in 1997 with my now former Radio1 colleagues, and I used to drive a 1976 Volkswagen Beetle. This time around I have the company of people I don't really get to hang out quite most of my free time.

Bumpcar Demolition Derby style.

The craziest trip I ever had was the first, and the second one was there up because it was very special, where the happiest thrill I took was the Space Shuttle thrice like lightning. Today at this age and less physical exercise I could only last for one ride. When I finally landed at this theme park the first ride was the revenge ride of my life against my supervisor, and boy did he get a pain for demolition derby.

Spinning at the Wheel of Fate

The next one didn't felt like riding it to enjoy such as the Roller Skater, and then things gets quasi crazy with the Flying Fiesta. We should have stopped from there until they took the Rialto just to feel, that we where actually riding with Yogi Bear to rescue George Jetson's son Elroy from Dick Dastardly and Muttly. The next one was a high above and it was spinning, which also almost made me hurl with the Wheels of Fate, and even my buddy kept me from spinning too. Not to make me feel the adrenaline rush going to my brain, since it was actually a warm-up for the Space Shuttle. I would have killed myself after that, but the Jungle Log Jam just made me wake up.

I can't keep my eyes closed!

I felt like a shaken up ragged doll riding the last two, that we decided to take a break. The next one was a bit of Rialto, and just watching a Playstation game simulate the situation with the 4D Theater. I felt the game as I paid extra PhP 40.00 bucks just to see this ride. You wear 3D glasses and has limited seating. For almost thirty minutes you get to feel like your being played around while trying to watch Escape from the Bane Manor or whatever the exact title of it.

Caught on digital photo for PhP 199.00?!

The worst part came when its time I ride the Riogrande Rapids, where its a good thing that I had two extra shirts to wear. The bad part is I don't have a spare pants. I almost lost my voice from last nights trip, and when I got home after a hot shower I was like a brick.

Last ride for the thrill!

After experiencing it all again for the third time being there it was like more than just an adventure. Bonding you say yes. There's lots of stuff I forgot to put it up in-between like playing the Dance Revolution machine again, and countless other stuff you should see HERE.

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